Matt Moore Farms Shamrock, TX

I was desperately in need of help reducing flat tires on my center pivot irrigation systems. I have 16 center pivots with an average of 14 tires on each pivot. Flat tires are costly to our operation, and it was a major problem.

Before I started using tire sealants I was continually having flat tires on my pivots. A flat tire on a center pivot is more expensive than just replacing a tire. The down time and labor to change the tire, plus the damage that is done to the crop due to a pivot not applying the proper amount of water, make the cost of a flat tire enormous.

The two most interesting things I have observied after using the sealant now for over 3 seasons are;

1. The costs for new tires have decreased substantially, even though we still occasionally have to replace a tire on a pivot.

2. The tires on my pivots are staying properly inflated. We just don't have to add air after the pivot sets unused for a few months in the off season. Inflated tires simply last longer than tires that go flat during the winter.

We are seeing real cost benefits due to our use of LiquiTube and I want to thank you for bringing such a great tire sealant to Texas.


Matt Moore

Dillon Transportation

Dillon Transportation started installing LiquiTube in our fleet. We operate 100 plus tractors and 300 plus trailers with several different tire sizes, Super Singles, 17.5, 22.5 etc.

Since beginning to use LiquiTube I have seen my tire cost and road tire expense drop at least 40% and will continue to monitor and use this product as we move forward.


Mark Horton

Director of Maintenance

Lacy Mowing Service KY

My company has been mowing State Right-of-ways and farm mowing since 1990 and have spent thousands of dollars on tire replacements and downtime changing tires.

A friend recommended trying LiquiTube and I was skeptical at first. I knew the types of terrain and hazards that we typically mow and just didn't think a product would work for us short of foam filling the tires. I could not have been more mistaken.

We installed LiquiTube in two of our new tractors and have now mowed an entire season for hundreds of miles and thousands of acres and have not had single flat tire in either tractor. All of our other tractors that did not have LiquiTube installed had flats mowing the exact same locations. We now intend to install LiquiTube in all of our tractors and all of our zero turn mowers!

Thanks for a truly great product!

Greg Lacy