Sealant Specifications

  • LiquiTube evenly coats the inner surfaces of the wheel to eliminate all sources of air loss and protects against 1/4 inch punctures in standard ply tires, up to 3/4 inch punctures in large heavy ply industrial tires
  • Additionally it seals rim, bead, weather cracking and porosity leaks resulting in increased tire life, and reducing tire repair cost
  • Installs easily through the valve stem once the valve core is removed
  • Makes permanent repairs
  • Coats evenly
  • Aids heavy duty tire balance at high speeds
  • Stays in place, does not migrate to the bottom of the tire
  • Never separates, no mixing or shaking required
  • Stays liquid for the life of the tire
  • Effective from -45° F to over 200° F
  • Contains rust inhibitors - will not rust, corrode, or pit rims
  • Indefinite shelf life

How it Works

  • Centrifugal Force
    • The spinning of the tire causes LiquiTube to spread out evenly and coat all the surfaces of the tire
    • The adhering agents in LiquiTube allow it to stay suspended and not migrate back to the bottom of the tire
  • Air Pressure
    • The air pressure in the tire forces the fibers and plastics in LiquiTube into punctures and leaks
  • Tire Flexing
    • The flexing and bending of the tire when it hits the ground allows more fibers and plastics to pack into the punctures and leaks creating permanent seals

Environmentally Friendly

  • Made of 88% recycled material
  • Non-hazardous material
    • Non-flammable
    • No recorded flash point
  • 100% water soluble for easy cleanout
  • Meets EPA standards for municipal disposal
    • Waste sealant can be washed down the drain
  • Extends tire and casing life keeping tires out of landfills

The LiquiTube Difference

LiquiTube Versus Other Tire Sealants


  • Dry-Up Over Time
    • LiquiTube stays liquid for the life of the tire
  • Rust And Corrode Rims
    • LiquiTube contains 5 different rust and corrosion inhibitors to prevent all forms of rust, corrosion and pitting of rims
  • Eat Away At Tire Rubber And Prevent Tire Patches From Adhering To The Tire
    • LiquiTube has no chemical reactions with rubber and will not prevent a patch from adhering to the tire (almost the only time a LiquiTube treated tire needs a patch is before retreading)
  • Ball Up In A Tire As The Solids And Liquids Separate
    • LiquiTube is heat-mixed so the solids and liquids never separate even at high speeds
  • Cannot Be Cleaned Out Of A Tire And Are Hazardous Material
    • LiquiTube is 100% water soluble and can be easily rinsed out and washed down the drain
  • Stay At The Bottom Of The Tire Not Fixing Rim Or Bead Leaks And Allowing Punctures At The Top Of The Tire To Begin Leaking Again
    • LiquiTube evenly coats all inner surfaces of the tire and rim to permanently prevent all forms of air loss and does not migrate to the bottom of the tire when the tire is stopped
  • Freeze in Cold Weather
    • LiquiTube remains liquid down to -45° F
  • Throw High Speed Tires Out Of Balance
    • LiquiTube coats evenly and remains suspended to aid heavy duty tire balance at high speeds
  • Void Tire Manufacturer Warranties
    • LiquiTube does not void tire manufacturer warranties
      • Michelin, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Firestone, General, Continental, Yokohama, Toyo

Tire Inflation Maintenance

  • Up To 50% Longer Tire Life
    • Cooler tire temperature
      • proper inflation reduces road friction and tire flexing which keeps the rubber cooler
      • LiquiTube also moves heat buildup in a tire to the cooler parts of the tire and rim to dissipate the heat more quickly
      • tires run up to 35° cooler with LiquiTube
  • Even Tire Wear
    • Under inflation causes uneven tire wear and premature tire failure
  • Better Fuel Efficiency
    • Keeping all the tires on a vehicle properly inflated at all times reduces fuel consumption
    • Companies using LiquiTube in high speed tires usually see between 5% and 10% better fuel efficiency
    • Off road Fuel efficiency is harder to track but LiquiTube adds significant fuel savings in off road vehicles as well


Including LiquiTube in your tire maintenance program will greatly reduce your tire costs

LiquiTube not only reduces your maintenance costs, but saves you valuable time as well

using LiquiTube as preventative maintenance in all your tires lets you say goodbye to tire repairs forever!

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