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Video Understanding LiquiTube

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Why LiquiTube?

  • LiquiTube premium tire sealant can reduce your tire repair costs by as much as 90%


  • Be more productive with less equipment downtime and man hours lost due to flat tires


  • Reduce new tire purchases by making the tires you own last between 20% and 50% longer

Why you should consider using LiquiTube

Under inflation is the number one killer of tire life. The lifetime proper inflation provided by LiquiTube increases tread life, promotes even treadwear, increases traction, increases ride comfort, helps keep the bead properly seated, increases casing durability, and increases fuel economy.

 LiquiTube is easily installed through the valve stem once the valve core is removed. As the tire spins, centripetal force spreads LiquiTube out overall the inner surfaces of the tire and rim creating a liquid inner tube coating. LiquidTube remains liquid for the life of the tire, and adhering agents keep LiquiTube suspended in place even after the tire stops spinning. Air pressure in the tire forces LiquiTube into any leaks in the tire, rim, or bead. The flexing of the rubber as the tire is used continues to pack fibers into the leaks creating a permanent flexible plug that last for the life of the tire.

 Cheap sealants breakdown and separate inside the tire, and can cause rust and corrosion on rims. LiquiTube has rust and corrosion inhibitors, it remains liquid for the life of the tire, and can be easily rinsed off of a tire or rim with water.

 LiquiTube is environmentally friendly, it is EPA approved as non hazardous for municipal disposal, and helps keep tires out of landfills.


LiquiTube Industry Applications


Great for Residential & Commercial Lawn Care, Recreational and Off Road Vehicle Tires

LiquiTube Premium Tire Sealant is perfect for lawn care equipment, recreational, and off road vehicles such as ATVs, UTVs, rail buggies, off road 4x4 trucks.

If you're like most of our users you found us because you were looking for a solution to all the flat tires and knew there had to be a better way. LiquiTube combats thorns, sticks, sharp rocks, nails, curbs, hidden barb wire,  you name it, we've instantly plugged it.

LiquiTube protects against 1/4 inch punctures up to 1/2 inch punctures in small ply tires. Also protects against tire bead stress due to uneven terrain.

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Excellent Preformance in Heavy Duty Ply Agricultural and Industrial Tires

Are you tired of losing money to lost man hours worked or equipment downtime due flat tires on your industrial equipment tires?  LiquiTube Premium Tire Sealant is your solution.  LiquiTube seals punctures up to 3/4 inch in heavy ply industrial tires with little to no air loss. Keep your money in your pocket and your employees working longer in all conditions with the security of LiquiTube Premium Tire Sealant.

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Ideal for the Trucking Industry

Reduce new tire purchases by making the tires you own last between 20% and 50% longer. Reduce your tire repair costs by as much as 90%. Keep your trucks logging more miles by limiting down time due to road side tire repairs and costly service calls.

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